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Movie Night

During eigth grade, I was just starting to be more outgoing and having fun getting into trouble with my friends. On of the things my middle school did was have Movie Nights. They had an open campus for kids and parents to come and hang out in the MPR and watch a movie. The movie was Kung Fu Panda or something like that, and they had some malfunctions with the projector so the movie wasn't playing. I was with three of my friends and we decided to wait outside. More of my seventh grade friends were hanging out inside the building, I don't think they knew that we were gone.

Cartoon panda watching a movie We were in this quad-like area that people would just call "the lunch tables" as lazy as that is. Because it was pretty late and really dark, we were about the only people wandering the campus, other than the people in the MPR. Two of my friends went to use the bathroom, the other one just hung out with me. She was pretty cold and they were serving hot chocolate so she just sat at a table huddled in a little ball drinking hot chocolate.

--"Cartoon Panda Watching a Movie" from Stock Unlimited.

I decided that the lunch tables made a good bed like structure and laid down on the top, it wasn't as dirty as you may think, it was actually pretty clean. Plus I wasn't a germaphobe so I wasn't scared of the table tops. I did have a good view of the sky though. My two friends came from the bathroom and eventually two of my friends swapped places. One of my friends swapped places with a guy friend I had made at school, he was in the MPR and she was cold so she went into the MPR and he came outside to hang out with us.

We probably shouldn't have but we went to these bungalou structures that acted as classrooms for our school. A lot of my friends were always wondering what it would be like to jump on these awnings that were all over the pathways to the classrooms. So me, being a bit brave, decided to stand on the table top and jump up to the awning. I couldn't get up there so I just kind of felt the top, it felt like an old popcorn ceiling. I got off the table and joined my friends at the railing of one of the bungalous, they were sitting on top of it and messing with each other's hot chocolate. We did get in trouble for moving too far away from the MPR, probably would've gotten in more troulbe if they saw us hopping from the lunch table tops to other lunch tables.