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Pretending to be Ghosts

I wish I had a proper explanation for this.
Actually, I do.

Basically this story involves two of my friends who were present for the "Birthday Fail" and "Movie Night" stories. For now I'm going to refer to them as "Panda," because she likes pandas, and "Cat," because she likes cats. Pretty lazy names but I can't just come up with a good name to give both of them.
So I went to a park near our school which also had a library and some type of city-center where kids and adults can take classes on things like karate or ceramics. We decided to get food first, it was a early release day so we were pretty hungry. My mom had brought some mcdonalds and we headed over to a tree where we could eat food in peace. There was a vending machine in a huge empty room inside the city-center building where Panda and Cat went to get sodas from. We sat there and just talked and played music, some people came to the park but most were there for the playground or just to pass through.

We messed around at the playground, running up and down the bridges, climbing up the slides, climbing around on the monkey bars and this really weird obstacle that resembled triangular rings suspended in mid-air, and standing on the railings, climbing to heights that we shouldn't actually be climbing to. I really wanted to explore the city-center building because when we went there it was dark, empty, and there were two or three chairs against the walls other than the doorways and the vending machine. It looked haunted.

Panda went to use the bathroom, so Cat and I decided that we should look around. Other than being extremely quiet, there was a karate class that had the door ajar and some type of huge eating hall which was also extremely dark. I took one of the chairs and shoved it closer to the karate class, we left and then we came back. I moved the chair closer to the door of the karate class. Cat and I went to look through the door to the eating hall, there was a custodian cleaning the place and the tables were pushed up next to the walls. We heard loud footsteps, whether or not it was the custodian, it freaked us out (We couldn't acutally see the custodian, we could just hear them).