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Egg Tart Soup

Kind of gross sounding right? Well it definitely isn't a story to read while eating much of anything.
This dish was so masterfully created by one of my friends with the help of a pretty cheap pair of buffet tongs and those very slippery foil cups that usually surround egg tarts.

Basically my friend went to a buffet when she was small and wanted egg tarts. You know how there's a glass dome to keep heat from rising, or something to that effect, looming over the food shelves? Well, it's really hard to maneuver around those things, you kind of have to squish yourself between the buffet table where you put your trays and try not to get your hair or face in the food while also using the tongs to grab stuff from the very back. I have been at places that have it like that but I've also been to places that don't force you to do that. Unfortunately, my friend went to one where obtaining food is a mission.

Portuguese Egg Tarts You probably already guessed what happened, or you just knew from the title of the story. She was trying to get an egg tart but there was some type of vegetable soup in front and she needed to basically do some type of contortionist stretch to get to it. My friend was in the middle of taking her third egg tart, the two ends of the tongs were on either side of the foil cup, when the tongs slipped on the foil cups and her egg tart fell into the soup in front of it.

--Portuguese Egg Tarts from Tasting Table

Predictable, right? Basically, she panicked and left the scene of the crime. She never tried fishing it out of there or telling a cook about it, instead she told her mom who just laughed and told her it was okay. Honestly, I don't think she was the first to make a mistake like that in that exact same buffet, and I like thinking that maybe when people did come to get some soup, that the egg tart is still in there and whenever they fish it out they just dump it back in for the next unsuspecting victim. Also there was a camera there, I wonder what the security team thought when they saw a little child squish herself between the table and the glass dome, try to grab a bunch of egg tarts, only to drop one into the soup, and leave it there in her panic. I also wonder what the next person thought when they scooped up an egg tart while trying to get some soup.